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St. Edmond Catholic School, New Elementary School, Fort Dodge, IA

Construction of a new 65,000-square foot two story elementary school with supportive administration, athletic and mechanical area. This project included the demolition and relocation of existing structures and development of the new school on the same grounds as the proposed church site. We worked with the owner and Design Professionals prior to the capital campaign and through to completion.

First Presbyterian Church, New Christian Life Center, Fort Dodge, IA

This was the addition of a new 8,600-square foot multi-purpose worship center with meeting rooms, stage, kitchen and restrooms. This was a project where we worked to tie into a building with a stone façade mined 70 years earlier.

UnityPoint Healthcare, Trinity Hospital Simulation Lab, Fort Dodge, IA

This was a unique 6,500-square foot teaching health simulation lab joint ventured between UnityPoint Health and Iowa Central Community College. We were involved in the design phase, budget phase and construction phase working with both owners. Construction took place inside a working hospital from beginning to end.

New Duncombe Elementary School, Fort Dodge, IA

Construction of a 67,000-square foot facility. Worked with owner and design team prior to schematic design development to bidding and construction phase.

St Edmond HVAC Upgrade, Fort Dodge, IA

Facility wide upgrade, provided owner with a budget to replace 60-year-old heating system. We worked with specialty subcontractors and owner to phase the work over two summers to minimize disruption to the owner's operation.

General Contractor Projects:

St Edmond Elementary School

Original Contract: $6,000,000
Final Contract: $5,600,000
Fr. Pat Walsh, Former President St. Edmond Catholic School, 712-226-2426
Tom Miklo, Development Director, 515-571-4239, miklot@st-edmond.pvt.k12.ia.us

St Edmond Mechanical/HVAC Upgrade/Renovation

Original Contract: $1,400,000
Final Contract: $1,339,000
James Bocken, St Edmond Foundation Board, 515-576-7397
Mary Gibb, President, St Edmond Catholic School 515-955-3067, gibbm@st-edmond.com

First Presbyterian Church, Christian Life Center Expansion, Fort Dodge, IA

Original Contract: $1,723,699
Final Contract: $1,653,089
Dale Daggy, Facility Committee Chair, 515-332-5006

West Side Assisted Living Center, Ames, IA

Original Contract: $7,800,000
Final Contract: $7,200,000
Bill Dryer, Rudi Lee Dryer, Architects (Now RDG), 515-268-5155

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